Beauty Bliss: Amanda

This is my sister. Growing up Amanda always represented the quintessential beauty to me. Everyone told me, your sister is gorgeous. It is true, but now like basically everything, my thoughts on this have evolved. My sister is still beautiful, but to me I see it in different ways now. To me my sister is stunning when she let’s go. When we’re having fun creating. When we are working on a project or craft, taken over by a vision, something for us to create. To me she shines most when she is with my nephews. When I see that little vulnerability. A spark of pride. A genuine smile and play filled with laughter. When we’re all caught up in sheer joy, by Trenton or Gavin  putting on a performance (which they have quite a knack for). The sole woman in a house full of growing me.

In her interview I heard a lot of the same things I’ve been getting. We are taught to believe that beauty= skinny. I like how she brought up the expectation to look like an unrealistic image being given to us. All the airbrushing and editing, make us want something we will never have. But again I ask, who says we have to fall for this? Who says skinny is beautiful? Why do we let them tell of this? It doesn’t mean that skinny is not beautiful, but there is more to beauty than being a size 2. But why not do what Amanda says, why not have role models who are natural women.  Women who represent us all, who we can all feel like we relate to. Beauty is not a singular vision that the media brings to us. We can find our own inspirations. We can seek to define beauty for ourselves. What is beautiful to you?

I am so thankful to Amanda for letting me do this, all the deep thinking, spiritual talking is not necessarily her thing, she is a straight shooter, don’t take no bullshit girl. But she got in front of the camera and let me do this interview, for that I am grateful. She also let me play around with my camera to take some new pictures. She has my grandma Paulin’s crystal blue eyes, as does her son Gavin and I have been wanting to shoot them together (now I just need grandma and my cousin Bailey for a group shot).

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