Jobs Are Like Relationships

time is limited  -Steve JobsWhat I have learned: in love you can fall for anyone, it doesn’t mean they’re the ‘right’ one (ie your soul mate). Same thing with a job. You can do or even like any job, it doesn’t mean you need to make the commitment leap. It can provide great learning. You work their for a reason, but it doesn’t mean you have to marry it. You learn and you realize you can change. We so often view success in stability and job security, with pretty bi-weekly pay checks and retirement funds. Why can we not date around in the job market, check out different types, truly discover our passions?

I am building dreams, I am creating my businesses, working on my brand. Slowly, but steadily it grows. My job at the hospital has helped me with this. I like the hospital. But intuition hit me: STOP. And so I went with my gut and I put in my two weeks. The same day I see a local restaurant standing out like a beacon. So I quit and put in an application at the same time. I do it immediately, act on the instinct. I walk in ask for a form, fill it out, turn it in all in a matter of minutes. Interview a week later and boom I’ve got my hands in an industrial kitchen. The hospital was good for a bit, but it wasn’t a fit. Now this is my new direction.

If you don’t know my dream in the next few years is a food bus (a VW Bus specifically). So now I go to food service. Add to that, I have gotten into the indoor farmer’s market. I am getting me, my food, my love, my passion, and my dreams out there. Once a month I will focus on the (MY) best stand. In the meanwhile I will work, improve, and get better at food service. I will work on my food blog and cookbook. I will work on myself. I will build, brick-by-brick.

I’ll be honest quitting was a little scary, a little out of my comfort zone. The recovering people pleaser/perception pleaser/perfectionist said STAY. It’s the perception of failure that scared me. I felt the need to defend. To put on the armor, build up my walls and get ready for battle. Ready to defend my decisions and life.  STOP. Breathe. No. This is my life. My rules. My choices. Quit the assumptions. Quit taking it personally. Life is a sequence of experiments. Life is growing and learning. Life is choice, we have the power to change. Change jobs, change hairstyles, change addresses, change relationships. If we are not getting the maximum joy, if we don’t feel the passion burning, if we are attracted to something new, we can change. We can tweak our dreams and goals. We can tweak and change our thoughts. Change brings uncertainty, but life is uncertain. We have to face it. We have to embrace it. Keep striding towards the ‘right’ fit. Keep dating. As Emerson says:

All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make, the better. 



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