Warning: Dreams Under Construction

After reading the Law of Attraction, my new practice to 1. Know what I want and 2. Ask for it. One of the things I ask for is to build and live in my dreams. What I have found is that dreams come by building. Brick by brick you lay the foundation. You put on the hard hat and you get to work. A big sign out front reads, “Warning: Dreams Under Construction.” Dreams take time. Houses take time to build (Rome wasn’t built in the day). There’s the stage of initially asking and then there is the time for allowance. Don’t stop building. You work each day to lay more bricks. It can be just one brick today, but that one brick brings you closer to the whole house.

Dream building can be small. I want to write a cookbook/I am writing a cookbook. Each day I have to then do something for it. I have to start construction. I’ve got an empty lot with my name on it. I am the lead designer. The architect. I’ve got to start creating at some point. It can be small. I can write a list of recipes. I can take photos for a recipe. I can dig deep and write out the most amazing page for a recipe. No matter how small the intention or action, it is still contributing to the house. You are still building.

Sure building can be tough and the building process isn’t as glamorous as the finished project. It can be messy. There are tools and materials everywhere. Some days it may rain. Sometimes there are set backs, construction doesn’t happen exactly with your time schedule. Hang in there, hold onto the vision, remember where you are headed. The house that you will live in. The house you can decorate with all your authenticity. The place your family and friends will gather at. Your custom designed, lovingly made home. A home which will change and develop over time, as you grow, as your dreams expand and evolve.

So get to building. Get your hard hat on. Lay one brick today!



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