Beauty Bliss: Cheryl

Only 4% of women think they are beautiful

I adore my aunt Cheryl. This project has not only taught me a lot about beauty, vulnerability, and asking questions, but it has brought me such gratitude. What radical, inspiring breathtaking women I have in my life. What loving, accepting women. Women who let me into their homes. Who are honest with me. You share their perspectives and hearts with me. I grew with a traditional large Midwestern family with my mom’s parents and siblings next door. I was raised with my cousins in the country thinking of how we could pass time outdoors. Right next door was my fabulous aunt Cheryl. I was remember how I loved going over to their house when I was younger. When Jenna and I would play dress-up and pretend to be Olympic gymnastic. There was my aunt Cheryl encouraging, taking our pictures and whistling throughout the house (she is an amazing whistler and singer). I always thought of her as one of the purest, sweetest people I had met. Serenity would be a world I would apply. This week she let me drop in to do this interview. I have to say I LOVE doing these interviews. I love talking and connecting. But also I love questioning. I believe my post the other day: Who Says? I like to prompt people to question them. What they believe? Why do we think this way? This interview makes me smile non-stop. She has a terrific perspective and I have found yet another ‘yes’ for my 4%.

Heart is what makes us beautiful.

I can’t get enough of this statement. Beauty starts within. Within our core, at the heart. It starts in the home. In how we treat our daughters. It comes with reflection. Beauty is in our hearts, it’s with us always. It is not something we apply. After we stopped rolling we talked some more and Cher pointed out something she’d read where women felt beautiful after they put make-up on. But beauty is natural. It’s who we are. Make-up doesn’t create beauty, we bring it forth.

Jenna and Cheryl 2012


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