Who Says?

Be yourself!Who says? Who says what is beautiful? Who says what is successful? Who says what is ideal? who says what is the right size? Who says what’s perfect? Who says you should be married and having kids by_____ age? Something I’ve run into repeatedly in my Beauty Bliss interviews is we don’t feel beautiful often because we’re told skinny is beautiful. Who says this? Media and men are to blame, is the answer I commonly get. But do all men think this? Who is in control of the media? Who is in control of what we believe? Who controls what you believe? Just because someone says it, why can’t we stop and think: is this what I believe? Is this how I feel? Why can’t we change the media? Why can’t we change our own perspectives? Why do we let a nameless, blank face tell us how to feel and to live our lives?

Why not think for ourselves? By experiencing joy in our life, can we not teach others joy? I think change happens first within ourselves, but we have to realize we have the power to create our lives. We can decide. We make our own choices. We discover what is beautiful to us. For instance I find beauty in everyone, but I am drawn to freckles, gap teeth, beards, tattoos, scars, and wrinkles. We choose our exercise. We don’t have to just go with the crowd. Hate running. Then why are you doing it? Because others are? Because you’ll lose weight and fit the skinny image of beauty. Why not find exercise that you enjoy? Explore, see what brings you bliss. It can be swimming, hiking, zumba, yoga, kettlebells, skiiing, jumping, rowing, crossfit, ultimate frisbee, slacklining, rock climbing, running, luge, and so much more. Find and feel comfortable at your ideal size. Eat foods you like, find your perfect diet. Go for your dream job. Create your dream job, your dream life. Build your own business. Drive the care you’ve always wanted. Marry the ‘right’ person. Have kids when you’re ready, if you even want them. Define life on your own terms. Define success for yourself. Live by your own rules, not the ones we perceive as perfect because who the hell says? Who says what may be right for someone else, is right for you? You with you body, your thoughts, your vibrations, your dreams, and your experiences? You be the one who says.

Recently I just finished the Law of Attraction, here is a brilliant little bit:

You are here to be that which you want to be, while you allow all others to be that which they are.

Be who you want. Be loud. Be beautiful. Be bold. Be genius. Be an artist. Be a musician. Be an actress. Be a writer. Be inspiring. Be healthy. Be fit. Be an explorer. Be a lover. Be REAL. Be authentic. Be you, not who someone else says.



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