Comparsion: A True Killer

Be confidentComparison is a killer. Yep, a down right, mass murderer. It kills creativity. It kills self-love. It kills dreams. It kills forward motion. It kills joy. It kills appreciation. It stops unity right in it’s tracks. We can be inspired by other, but don’t let it dim your light, let it be a spark to your own creativity. Let it inspire and get the gears going for your own life.

Comparison casts doubt. I doubt my beauty only when I compare myself to other women, I don’t see my strong legs or beautiful blue eyes, because I’m too busy thinking about being like someone else. Rock and love what you have. I create the feeling of not being enough. See how I fessed up to this being something I made happen. I could just think, “they’re beautiful” and leave it at that. I can still choice to love myself at the same time. Once upon a time when I was younger I thought, “I can be an artist some day.” Then I started look at other people’s painting and sketching and thought, “but they are so much better than I am.” At 8 years old I strangled any hopes of becoming an artist.

It is not about being better than others. Life is not a race to the finish. It is not a competition of who’s the prettiest, the fastest, the most inspiring, the best singer, the best actress, or of who makes the most money. It is about being the best version of yourself. It is about being authentic. It is about using your creativity, your perspective. It is about bringing to the table, all that you have to offer. It’s being vulnerable. It’s about sharing. It’s about community. It’s about connections. We are all one. And we are all in the together. We are the same. Creating differences causes combat with the whole. It rages a battle within. Seek to improve, not to win or beat someone else. You are only trying to be better than yourself. Even if you think like Mastin Kipp, “Today I will be 1% better than I was yesterday.” Let others be themselves. And then be your true self. That’s what we’re all here for: to write, paint, sing, act out, and bring ourselves to this world.

Don’t kill what you’ve got to offer. You are you. Own it. Own your genius. Own your creativity. Own your beauty. Own your style. Own your tastes. Don’t defend or compare. There’s no need to one up. Be and let others be. Let yourself be enough.


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