Where You Are

Something I learned from living away is: love and BE wherever you are. Know that you are always welcome. That you are constantly surrounded by beauty. But you have to change the way you look at things.

I loved Colorado, but when I came back to Terre Haute I saw it differently. Like I was seeing it for the first time. I saw all the potential. All the great things it has to offer. I noticed progress. I acknowledged the old treasured mom and pop shops. I saw buildings and businesses I never paid attention to. I saw it for all it had to offer me. All the people I could meet. All the experiences that await me. I saw all the bliss it could bring me and all the joy I could bring to it.

I can be happy anywhere. You can be happy anywhere, it’s a matter of perspective. I’m sad when someone say, ‘Terre Haute is dirty,’ or ‘there’s nothing here.’ I wish they could see what I see. Feel how I feel. Remember things don’t happen to you, you happen to things. Happen to the place you live. The places you travel to . Live out loud. So in honor of my Terre Haute good cheer, I have decided to go out. To venture out into my community to capture beautiful places, beautiful people, beautiful moments, and my beautiful hometown.

Do it to! Shift your perspective. love life this moment. Where you are. See it for all it has to offer you, for all the beauty waiting on you to appreciate it. Happen. Be here, all here. Carry joy with you, like an accessory, always with you (inside you, radiating from you).


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