Show Up

Sitting. Listening. Feeling. Breathe in, breathe out. Let life flow through. Feel present in the chair. This is swirling through my head as I sit at a funeral listening to the preacher. BE THERE. Boom! I hear you. I am here. I sit in quiet reflection, in awe of m existence and experience. What a wondrous thing it is to just be alive. To be here.

I look around. I take in my beautiful friends. How blessed am I to have them be a part of my experience, of my life right now? What matters this day is to show up. There is a friend in need- STOP. Stop and show up, that is what matters. It’s not the blubbering apologies that Cam needs. It’s our presence. It’s a hug. It’s reminding him of your love.

I love my friends because of who they are. I don’t care about the external bullshit: what they look like, how much they weigh, how money they have, what job they work, what they wear, where they live, or even how they treat me. I love them for the constant core ‘I am’ within us all. All the external BS can change. It can grow, it can be taken away, but I AM is constant. We can always lend someone our presence, our time, our hearts, our souls, our ears and listening. People are not possessions either and some day their physical selves will be gone. We do not own people. They are a gift. A blessing. And we can always carry that gift with us.

After 5 years, my grandpa Dreher has never felt gone. People stay alive in our hearts, in our souls. And as Cam’s mom pointed out, in our memories. We keep them alive and carry them with us always. They are in each one of us that they touched. We do leave behind influence and pieces of ourselves. I feel/see my grandpa in myself, in my family, especially Trenton.

So as I leave the church I am overwhelmed with the just the beauty of living. Of being able to show up. Show up for your friends. For your family. Show up each day. Show up to your job. To your relationship. Show up for life, wherever you are and BE THERE, ALL THERE.


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