Follow the Yellow Brick Road

Follow the Yellow brick roadLife leads you down a road sometimes. You know you’re going somewhere, but you don’t know where. You’ve never been there before. Like going to a new city, somewhere new to discover. So you get on the road that takes you there, the best rout. You follow it. You trust it.

Sometimes life puts you on these trails, taking you to the Emerald City. Do you go? Do you take the journey? Do you follow the signs? Do you ever get started or take a step? Do you turn around? Do you quit when it poses challenges?

When we step back, when we’re aware, we see life is full of signs. It’s guiding us, the Universe is gently nudging us, trying to help us along the way. Do we hear it? Do we listen? Is there too much buzz in our heads that it’s voice is drown out? Yes there will be uncertainty. I will be scary. Do we let this stop us? Do we stay at home? Or do we let go of our greed to constantly know? Do we let go, do we surrender and trust?

Life has given me signs and I have learned not to question. Immediately get to stepping on the Yellow Brick road is what I have learned. Sometimes I have doubts or questions, especially when the request seems ludicrous. Really life this is what you want me to do (as I throw my hands up in the air)? But I do it. I trust. I let go and open up. Take me where I need to go, regardless of how I perceive this now, it is meant to be. Let go of your judgement of the situation and be ALL here. Right NOW, so you don’t miss the next sign.

Example: upon coming home from my uncle’s birthday party in small town Illinois (literally in no-mans land), I stop for what I believe is a horse. Upon further scrutiny I learn it is a llama. A freaking llama, that is not a common animal folks. A couple of days later I’m leaving the store when I notice the van beside me has a sign for Alpaca’s for sale (a cousin to the llama), hmm……Fast forward a few more days when the screen saver randomly changes to 5 majestic white llamas, hmm….. I’m not even done yet. Forward a few more day when my friend Lisa approaches me, ‘hey want to see my new pet?’ It is an ALPACA! Okay life what’s up with the alpacas and llamas? I run with it. Coincidentally (not) a small nun-run college down the road from where I grew up has an alpaca farm. Immediately I shoot an email out and now I volunteer with alpacas. My Brittany alpaca namesake is quite the feisty unique, does-what-she-wants, marches to her own beat alpaca.

Why? I don’t know, but I enjoy it while I’m there. Why do I work at the hospital? I don’t know, but signs of led me there. Sometimes you’ve just got to shut-up and follow the Yellow Brick Road.


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