Beauty Bliss: Mary

This is my dear, dear friend Miss Mary. I love her beyond what words can express. Her and her husband Steve, who are beautiful people. People willing to lend a hand to others. Who are willing to believe in others. They believe in me, in my dreams. This interview is short, but so so sweet. What I love:

Do you think your beautiful: Yes

When do you feel beautiful: All the Time.

Boom! This attitude is what I’m talking about it rocks. Yes we have that twinge of ego or fear saying we should feel guilty for saying this, but we embrace the self-love feeling instead. If we don’t believe it first, if we don’t feel beautiful or confidant, who the hell else is going to? Embrace yourself. Say with confidence:  I am beautiful and I feel that way all day everyday. At the end of this interview Mary and I were talking about choices because my copy of A Man’s Search for Meaning came in. Even if we decide we have no options, we have still made a choice. Bitterness, anger, hate, regret, fear, envy are all feelings we can choose. We can also just as readily choose to be happy or joyful or blissful. We decide how we want to be. How we want to feel. We are creating right now. We are creating this experience. This is our one life to live. You call the shots. I call the shots. What do we decide? How do I want today to be? How do I want this moment to feel? How do you want to feel? Remember you always have a choice.

I am beautiful.



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