Why Not? Do the Impossible

Instead of asking "What" you should be asking "WHY"? WHY IS YOUR BRAND ON SOCIAL MEDIA? By understanding "why", you will understand "WHY" people love your brand and continue to be committed to it.Why not? I love this answer. When someone asks me: why do you ride a bike? Why do you live in a shed? Why don’t you eat gluten? Why do you wear toe shoes? Why do you hike by yourself? Why not? When we don’t understand something or someone, we want to figure it/them out. Like everyone we meet is a puzzle piece for us to solve. If something breaches into uncertainty we panic. We don’t understand someone elses choices. We don’t understand they’re action. So we ask. Or we attach a label. We are a society of label whores. They’re weird. They’re eccentric. They’re hippies. They’re strange. They’re different. No they are being authentic. They are being true to themselves. You can’t define someone else because the puzzle pieces are always changing, reshaping and growing. Attaching a label doesn’t allow someone to change, it cages them. But we my friends are complex. We are dynamic. And no matter how much time we spend trying to figure someone out, we can’t. We’re not in their thoughts, we’re not in their bodies in their souls. Instead we can give them the greatest gift of all: we cannot let them be themselves. A woman returning to work says to me, ‘we need to chat and get to know each other, but please make your own assumptions about me.’ Me: I don’t need to make assumptions about you, how about you just be yourself. Boom, right off the bat I’ve cut out the bullshit and given her permission to be herself.

I also think, though we need to live in the why not? We don’t have to go with the trend or do what others are doing. We can blaze our own path. We can live in possibilities. I believe we all have access to infinite possibilities. Do we all tap into them? Hell no, I myself am afraid of my own extraordinary potential sometimes. But why not go for it? Why not live with passion? Why not live with fervor? Why not do the impossible? Why not stepped towards dreams? Why not set the trend? Why not rock our own style? Why not bang out our own drum beat? Why not set our own life on fire?

Some often tell me I’m a laid back, cared free spirit, but they are surprised by my sureness in my decisions and the way I live my life. I can be loving and extend myself, but I also can live my own life aggressively. I can create the why not? I can live in the why not? What are your why not choices? This is our one physical experience, our one life, why not live it to the fullest by our own rules?


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