Say a Little Prayer for Me

Pray!  My daughter at 8, Becky,  prayed "O Lord, heal Greg, Please heal Greg,"  then lookin' up from her knelt position on the floor, said , "Well Lord, aren't u going to heal him?" That's expectation!  by the way...Jesus healed him!I give thanks everyday. I pour out all the gratitude I have, but a tiny part of me is still afraid to ask. I love my dreams. I breathe them. I hold them. They take over my thoughts. I want them. But they still terrify and excite me at the same time. I love life and each moment so much, but I am afraid of my true potential. Of what I can really create. Maybe part of the equation is the lingering doubt of whether it is deserved. Or I’m afraid it’s selfish to ask. Maybe I’m a little scared of the laws of attraction and manifesting. I can really have that? All I have to do is ask and be patient?

I am reading Eat, Pray, Love. I stopped at work one night. I stopped and felt inspired to pray. Ask Brittany, the little (no take that back the powerful, intuitive voice) told me to go ahead and pray myself. So I did. I prayed for a life a purpose. A life of passion. A life of service. I asked to be a loving being. To give love and be loved. And then I asked for my dreams. Let me create them. Let me take action. Let me step closer to them. Let me love my dreams more than I fear them, so doubt is a only a minor hiccup.

That same night I receive an email from the farmer’s market saying a baker has dropped out, and they can resubmit my application. Boom, just like that I’m in. Boom, right there I’ve taken a big step into my dreams. I’m standing in them. I was beyond terrified, yet the enthusiasm, excitement and rightness of the prospect kept me in the loving, let’s do epic shit state of mind.

This is one of those miracles all the spiritual gurus talk about. This is the law of attraction. This is the Secret. This is manifesting. This is awesome! All I had to do was ask? What can we bring and create in our lives if we let go and finally allow ourselves not only to dream, but to live in these dreams, to let them happen?

Ask! Say a little prayer? Don’t be afraid to ask: what do I want? Then embrace it with a big bear hug and live in the dream, no matter how big or small.


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