Say My Name, Say My Name

NamesToday while with a patient I discovered the power of addressing someone by name. It always makes me makes me feel good when someone calls me by name. So I started using my patients name when talking to them.
Boom! I found it brought an instant familiarity, an instant connection. Rather than holding someone out at arm’s length, bring them in for the real deal. Stop separating yourself from others. Instead, be warm. Be inviting. Be open. Feel a part of the oneness. See others as your fellow human’s beings, going through life, each day, and each moment just like you.
Plus there is power in a name. I go back to the book on Dreaming, how we need to own our name. Think of the authority it can have. Own your name. Give it power. Make it have meaning. Create your brand around it. Say it with confidence. Hello, I’m Brittany Paulin. Use other’s name too. Address them, let them in. Connect with them.


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