Make It Happen

Viktor FranklThis last week has hit me with: your external environment can/will change, but that doesn’t mean the internal you changes.

Let me elaborate and expand on this for you. I’ve got a friend who was so unhappy, she hated her job. So she changed jobs. Change is good, but not if you bring the same attitude to the new situation. Because guess what? She doesn’t like her new job either. Changes should lead us to our purpose, they should be fueled by passion.

Things don’t happen to us, we happen to things. Have you heard this before? To each opportunity we choose the energy we bring. Joy, bliss, and happiness are choices just like misery, hatred, shame, and prejudice. We happen to experiences. Do we live out loud? Do we let bliss be our state of being?

When our external environment changes: we lose weight, we change addresses, we change relationships, we make more money, we change underwear (sorry I had a patient say they change phone numbers like they change underwear), we must be conscious of the energy we bring, as well, because these changes alone won’t make us happy. We choose to be joyful.

To close, I read a dreaming book. In it he talks about Viktor Frankl (Man’s Search for Meaning) and his attitude about Auschwitz and surviving a concentration camp:

Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, but only by lack of meaning and purpose.


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