Beauty Bliss: Angelica

This week I will have two interviews since last week I didn’t et them posted in time. This first one is with my adorable cousin Angelica. I can’t tell you how much I love this girl, she’s like a younger sister to me. What I’ve learned from her interview and something I got with Tab’s is the need for validation. We feel others, notably men, need to tell us we’re beautiful or ask us out to feel pretty. Or feel desirable. Or what I truly feel is a need to feel lovable. But we fall into a trap when we need someone outside ourselves to create a beautiful state. Can we be self-dependent? Why can we not start by feeling beautiful? Why can’t we embody it ourselves? Again I got that personality and confidence are beautiful. Why not believe in ourselves? Again I think socially and peer-wise we are driven to believe beauty is one way. Usually skinny I find, we really battle with our bodies, even though for me I’ve come to realize I really am a spirit with a body. The physical self will change, but the me that I truly am will not, there is always more to someone than what see.

To tie in with Angelica, who is a huge One Direction fan, I love Harry Style’s view on fame, I think we can apply it to our physical selves as well. He said he hated the word famous. It’s like people use it to box them in and later they can say ‘they used to be famous.’ But are they not the same person before, during, and after the fame? They are trying to define them with the word famous, rather than letting them be. Is it not the same with beauty? Our looks change but deep down are we not the same? We still have the same desire to feel relevant and loved. Beauty is something always inside of us, then. It is not inclusive, it’s exclusive and obviously most of us do not feel we’re apart of the club. As a result we experience self-doubt. As Angelica says, this number is low because we doubt our beauty when we compare ourselves to others. How do we change this?

Angelica: We become less judgmental. We stop caring more about what other people think, rather than what we believe.

When do you feel most beautiful? Angelica: at night when I close myself in my room and dance around to the music.

In honor of this, I have included one of the videos of one of her One Direction performances. Please watch her videos, she is such a bright, shining person and her dimples and pure, innocent smile kill me. She is truly Angelic.


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