Revolutionary Lover

Learn by doing

So often on my spiritual journey, I feel alone or different, even though I know with the Universe I am never alone and I am connected to all. My pesky ego likes to sneak in sometimes. It tells me otherwise. I’ve heard other spiritual leaders like Gabby Bernstein say the same thing. My cousin told me the same thing. Why do we feel different?

Because being on a loving journey is revolutionary. By choosing a path of love, we are sticking our necks out. We have the power to change not only ourselves, but being loving can inspire (touch) others. We are touched by love. We all want love, but fear and ego get in the way. We need guidance.

From a young age we are conditioned away from spirit. Some of us find it again or get back on the trail, while some never do. Just because someone is not on the same path, doesn’t mean you change. Keep your thoughts and vibrations high. BE a Revolutionist because the world and people need more of us. We need more warriors of peace, who wield weapons of compassion and openness.

Be revolutionary. Know you’re not alone. Keep choosing love. Stay on the path.


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