Beauty Bliss: Tabitha

Alright we are rolling right along. This we I have a candid video with my friend Tabitha. It’s raw and real, how we would really talk with one another. I also am thankful to the women I have interviewed for their readiness to agree to an interview and for being natural. No make-up and all, they give me (and now you) their honest thoughts. I’ll warn you my friends and I can be slightly inappropriate sometimes, including language, but it’s how we are together.

Something I treasure most about my friendships, especially my relationship to Tab, is the honesty. There is no topic out of reach and we are not ashamed to say how we feel. We completely trust that when we share our thoughts we are not going to be judged. It is freeing to be 100% yourself. I’ve read we are drawn to people who have qualities we want. I have always admired Tab for her confidence and boldness. She seems unafraid to speak her mind (that tends to be a trend in my life, as most of the people I surround myself with are big introverts with big in your face honesty and boldness). In this interview she makes some valid points, especially a big F you to the media for dictating beauty for many. I ask: do we need to listen to them, can we change this? Can we change the media? But also he brings up a reoccurring theme: confidence. True beauty comes from the inside out. My favorite line and piece of advice:

Be confident for who you are. God didn’t make us all the same for a reason.

Thank you Tab for sharing your thoughts and for allowing yourself to be vulnerable in this video. And yes you are vibrant when you are crossfitting. These are some of my favorite pics. Watching someone put their heart and soul into something is awe-inspiring and beautiful.


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