Beauty Bliss: Susan

This is my first video blog interview and it features my lovely mother. Last week I discussed my own personal feelings about beauty. This week I’ve gained new perspective and insight. Right away I can tell you, I enjoy talking to other people about their thoughts. I don’t really think about the interview going in. I let it happen, just like a conversation. Let it flow. Each person is going to take me a new direction, down a different path. I’ll learn something from each. Which is the great thing about being alive. All the different perspectives. The thoughts and quarks unique to us, despite all the similarities and oneness, there is still your personality and your spirit.

I encourage you to watch the video, but here are some of what I believe to be the best thoughts.

Beauty starts with our daughters. With the images we project onto our teenagers. Chasing after skinny beauty affects our health, but also our relationships with ourselves, with exercise, with food, with our perceptions of our self-worth. Start with yourself. When You make a negative observation, come back with a positive enforcements: but I have such beautiful eyes. Everybody has beautiful features. Believe it. Tell someone else. Tell 10 people they look nice. See how many accept the compliment. We are afraid of praise. We have a trigger set to deny any positive vibrations. We’re not worthy. Learn to accept a compliment. Accept yourself and do your best. When you run on premium gas, you feel good. You run well. You feel confident.

This picture is one of my favorite pictures I have ever taken of my mom. I’ve always thought she was stunning, but more than that I’ve always felt my mom is so vivacious and full of life. She is like a big kid and I love that about her. I think this picture captures that youthful, fun-loving, and effervescence that she has.


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