Beauty Bliss: Brittany

This is my new Friday feature Beauty Bliss. l can’t get that only 4% of women think they’re beautiful out of my head. So I’m delving deeper. Talking to women. Sharing their stories. Sharing their thoughts. Sharing their beauty. I can’t expect others to boldly step into the spotlight and not do it myself. So I have stepped out from behind my computer to take the first step myself. This is my first vlog, which I think is a little obvious, but it was a huge step in vulnerability for me. It is simple and raw like me and the thoughts are true to what’s in my heart. Man do I say like a lot, but then again I’m doing like I say: finding a fault, rather than focusing on the wonderful thoughts I have. Taking away the content. I hope it can make others start to think about their own beauty more and the beauty standards we have. I look forward to sharing more with you and I thank you now, the you who is beautiful, for taking the time to read this and for watching. I am grateful. If anyone wants to participate feel free to get in contact with me.

Also here is my accompanying photo. I think I am beautiful when I feel alive. This includes: connecting with people, doing something new, hiking, kettlebells, smiling, laughing, and being true to myself. Yep in this photo I was rocking some pink hair, my grandpa’s metalic Mickey Mouse Americana boxers (sentimental to me), and trying to do a pistol squat on a kettlebell, which you can obviously see I found entertaining. Enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!



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