Excuse Me: Energy Coming Through

9a8832e31850f675c0aca7a837d840deLast week I contemplated on vibrations, but what Oprah said in a meditation, got me thinking further. When you go into a room you bring energy. That’s right, sometimes you can be felt before you can be seen. Beauty after all is more than physical. An inspired aura can transcend what the eyes see. The beauty is felt. It’s tangible. The person literally feels magnetic. You feel drawn to them. I need to, no I have to talk to that person. You may be awed into silence. But still you are sucked in. You want to watch and observe. You want to listen. You want them in your life. You want some of what they got. You want that magnetism. And you can!

What kind of entrance do you want to make? Let the light within you  burn as you make way. Don’t be afraid to raise the vibrations. Don’t let the negative dim your vicariousness. Instead, use your brightness to raise the vibration. Be aware. Be conscious. What energy am I putting out? When I step in this room, how do I want to feel? How do I want others to feel? What do I want to embody?

I still can’t get that: only 4% of women think they’re beautiful, out of my mind (don’t believe check out my new project and page Beauty Bliss). When I talked to my mom, what struck me was how her perspective has changed. Beauty is something inside. The truly beautiful women, I know are not only stunning on the outside, but the goodness they have on the inside, radiates out. Way to go mom! Beauty is more than what you see. It is a presence it is felt. Isn’t that why they say confidence is so sexy? But also I pointed out to her, as she began to list her truly beautiful women, I said we all have goodness inside. Are we aware or do we acknowledge it?

Next time you go think: Is there a smile on your face. Is there spirit in your eyes. Is there lightness in your step. Shift. Feel like you’re enough. Feel beautiful. Be beautiful. Shine and burst through the door energy first.


2 thoughts on “Excuse Me: Energy Coming Through

  1. It’s funny, I was thinking the same thing today. It’s amazing how happiness seems to be a cause of beauty. Maybe it’s just my perception, but once in college someone made a comment that I looked like I was glowing one day when I was feeling particularly happy.

    • I think you’re right about the perception, but I do believe many others feel the same way and to glow is one of the best compliments you can get. I always affirm to myself and aspire to be radiant and loving first.

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