Purpose: I am a loving being

3f2265dc97a5d09d8670683c52d5c7a7The past week I have listened to Mastin Kipp’s videos on purpose and why were you born. I think the biggest take away is that I am not just my job or my dreams. I am MORE. Titles and labels have nothing to do with the purpose deep inside of me. The dreams are great to stride for. They connect me to my purpose. They make it feel tangible and bring it to the physical world. But they change. They grow. They adapt. They shift. My purpose is steady. It is always there inside of me. So no matter the dream. No matter the job. No matter the relationship. No matter where I am, that purpose is with me. What is this purpose?

It hit me while watching the video and I knew in my heart, in my soul it was true. My intuition led me to this discovery:

My purpose is to be a loving being.

So every room I enter, every job I take, every stride I take, every person I meet, I have to keep this in mind. Keep it at the forefront of my thoughts. Nice and simple. Feel it. Embody it. Believe it.

I am a loving being. I am a loving being. I am a loving being.

When you dig deep, when you delve below the definitions of who you may be, when you sink below your dreams, what is there? What is your true purpose?


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