Interview Yourself: A Life Without Limits

What do you want from a job? (besides money)

This question popped up in an interview today. The funny this is that money was not the first thing to come to mind. The only answer, the only intuitive thought, was, I want to be of service. I want to help. I want to feel connected. I want to be part of a community.

But I would expand this even more into a broader life question. It keeps reappearing. It struck me last night on my hike. It hit again when I watched my cousin Beth‘s beautiful vlog (click her name for the link, it is an inspiring piece).

What is your dream life? If there were no limits. If you didn’t have to worry about money. If you didn’t have to worry about how others would interpret it or whether it upset them. What would you do? Who would you be? How would you spend your time? What would it feel like? What would it tastes like? What would it smell like?

Why are you not living that life? Why cannot you not haveĀ  all of that? Because you wouldn’t meet others expectations? Because you’re scared? Because you’re uncertain? Because it’s too hard? Because you don’t know how? Because you won’t make a difference.

Take a moment and let go. Release these ego and fear-driven urges. Set aside the excuses and BS. This is your moment. This is your life. It is the only one you have. It is a gift! Use it. Create it. Build it. Believe in your vision. Believe in the universe. Trust when you are uncertain that the divine has a plan for you. Forge ahead anyone. When you’re tested, use it as an opportunity to get creative. To grow and learn. I told a women today, ‘there are no mistakes, there are only lessons to learn and room to grow.’ Stop choosing the same habits (notice my word selection, you have a choice). If you don’t like where it’s headed. STOP. Change your thoughts. Change the way you live. Shift your perspective. Change your habits.

I realize I want to start my days differently. I want fewer distractions and I want to listen and be connected to my inner god. So I have decided. I have committed to change. Now I wake up. I read from a Course in Miracles. I read The Daily Love. I meditate. I give thanks. I give myself a pep talk. Right off the bat I am centered. Why? Because I wanted to change. Because I wanted my life and my mornings to be different. To be better. Make the commitment and test it out.

This is my gift. My one physical experience. Each day I commit to making strides. To being a better person. To living up to my purpose and potential. Each moment is grand.

So don’t be afraid to do a little mock interview with yourself. If there were no limitations what would you create for your life?


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