Jump: Acting on Universal Guidance

Impulse. Intuition. Gut feelings. Pull. I have learned when these sensations approach not only do I need to embrace them, but I need to act immediately. When I get the strong knowing feeling, I’ve got to let go right away.  And then I have to go for it. Jump. Leap. Take risk. Soar into uncertainty. I don’t always know where the choice will lead me, but I know right now I have to do it. I have to do it NOW, because if I wait ego, fear-driven thoughts will begin to put up the defensive, limited walls. Excuses will pop up. Procrastination will ensue. When I was in Avon reading Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life I was struck: live simply. I went home and packed up my stuff immediately. Two weeks later I was in my shed. At the time I didn’t know why I needed to do it or what it would be like, but I had to make the decision. I had to hit the play button and let the story play out. I’m going to ride my bike now. I decided it and it was done. In the instances were I trust the impulse, I gain. I have finally learned that the Universe is trying to help me out. To guide me. But I have to be trusting and willing to go with gut and to follow the signs. I also need to be patient.

I have been fighting hard not to get a job. I’ve got dreams to chase. Really a big part of it was a big F you to the world, society and those who care about me ardently insisting I get a ‘real’ job. But also it didn’t feel right. Progress to recent events and signs. Two weeks ago I had the feeling maybe I needed to test the water. Maybe I should put it out there. So I shared these impulses with mom. She prompted one of our clients, she said to go to the hospital, give them her name. I kept it in the vault, before finally this week I put it on my intention list. Monday I held back. Tuesday I told myself, alright today you go. As if to tell me, ‘this is right’ I get a text from my friend Samm telling me they need someone (at the hospital of course) and asked if I knew anyone who would be interested. Hello, how can you avoid this kind of signage. On the day I plan to go in, the universe tells me GO. I can no longer deny it. I don’t know why I need to be there, but I do. So I act immediately. I go to the office. Fill out my paperwork. Take my assessment. Call back as soon as I’m done to see if they got it. Boom, right away I get an interview the next afternoon. In 24 hours I paid attention, acted immediately, and snagged a new opportunity and venture. All because I listened to my intuition and followed the signs.

I think part of what was holding me back is I felt a job would distract from my dreams. I have to tell you my gut says this will empower it. I feel the fire of my passion to create Bliss Delish burn brighter and hotter now. It tells me this is the start. The funding, the path to my dreams. But there is more. It feels like not only will I feel free to pursue my dreams with rapid enthusiasm, but I need to be at the hospital. In the community. Serving and meeting new people. Not only will this build and lay foundation for tangible dreams, but it will build connection. This is something I could thrive at, while I take daily steps towards my dreams. It is where the universe wants me. Here there is growth, lessons to learn. and beautiful people to meet.

Be aware of signs. Don’t question them. Act. The universe has your best interest at heart. Let it guide you. Trust. Leap. Go.


2 thoughts on “Jump: Acting on Universal Guidance

  1. We are so in sync, it it is truly amazing! I just applied for positions in our school system in our community. Wow! Love ya, Brittany!

    We are “being” the change! We are “doing” what is needed to heal our world and take it to the next level. We are at the leading edge and it is sunny and exciting!!!

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