Fresh and Clean

Often I think just waking up and starting a new day is a game changer. A perspective shift. The newness of the day and buzzing of opportunities urges me to seize the day with new light. Does it always last like this? Sometimes. Sometimes I falter and get back on track. Sometimes I am amazed how rad merely being alive is. Today as I climbed out of the shower, I got the same feeling. Cleaning up with newly washed hair, newly shaved legs, newly curly hair newly coconut oiled skin, newly clean-fresh face makes me feel fresh and new.

I am seized again with the potential of the day. I am ready to start again. I am open and ready for the next opportunity. I am receptive to new inspiration. I am open to my intuition.

All this from a little rinse. But in a way I have refreshed my perspective. I feel and see anew. Like I am a new person.  So go ahead. Freshen up. Clean up your perspective. See with new light.


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