Good Vibrations

good_vibrationsWe have a choice: negative vibrations vs. positive vibrations. On my visit with Beth, she told me her world is always sunny. She doesn’t watch the weather. Why? Because, remember, it is always sunny. I agree. Why contribute an energy for crummy storming weather? If everyone watching the weather is focused on negative weather, why no throw some positive vibrations into the mix? This past week I have observed vibrations in action. What struck me most was how our vibrations affect others around us. Lesson: we can either inspire or we can take other down with us.

Example: Last Friday I created a radical kettlebell workout. However, after barely a set, one participant began to claim the numbers were too much. It’s too hard. This got into the heads of the other participants. So then you begin to think: maybe this is too hard. Maybe I can’t do it. Actually I know I can’t do this. This is too much.

Fast-forward to Monday. The naysayer is absent, but we’ve picked up a new participant. One who is pumped and ready to go. The others are the same ones from Friday. Only now, with this palpable energy they are ready to go. Not only do they do the workout, but they add two more sets.

All from one person. All from good vibrations. With good vibrations there are possibilites. With low vibrations there was excuses, fear, and limitations. So think of the vibrations you’re putting out. Become aware. It’s not just about you. Your vibrations are effecting those around you? Create an energy that draws people near? Create energy which inspires? The choice is yours.


3 thoughts on “Good Vibrations

  1. Thanks for the shout-out. Ties in perfectly with one of my upcoming video posts. 😉
    I love it when we have proof like this…because so many people say they “will believe when they see.” Thankfully there are those of us on the leading edge who “see because we believe!” We are the ones bringing home the PROOF for them.

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