Pick Your Family

Day 27I’ve read before that you pick your family. I think this is true. It is my family and the influences growing up that have molded and shaped me. They’ve created experiences and memories. They’ve guided me. They continue to teach me. Last week I pointed out how I was paired with two radical parents. They let me grow to be myself. They love and support me unconditionally. They believe in me. They encourage me to dream. But they themselves are dreamers. They aspire to create a life of service. A life with passion. They want to do what they love. They don’t let others shape their lives for them. They take control of their purpose. This, this is my influence. Plus they have been married for nearly 34 years. They are a prime example of love. Of balance and harmony. Of what it takes to be committed, through ups and downs. Through crazy fights and big obstacles. They always come out together. They compliment each other beautifully.

When I zoom out the focus on my family, I see more. I have picked a family of teachers. Of coaches. I come from a family who look to inspire and grow. Amanda and Todd both physical education teachers and sports coaches. To my mom training kettlebells and dad coaching health. My aunt Toni, cousin KC, and cousin Sara have all studied and worked with teaching as well. My aunt Marti. My aunt Gina. My grandmother. My uncle Eric has helped coach. My cousin Jacki is a radical goal-setter and life coach in LA. I look around and see leaders.

Recently I’ve gotten to spend time with a family cousin, Beth. She too is a life coach. A beacon and lighthouse of inspiration. How have I just been connected with her only recently? It was so refreshing and enriching to spend the weekend with her and mom. To stay up late discussing life, love, dreams, awareness, children, angels, anything and everything. It is a fresh breath of air to be around people who believe. Who believe in you. Who believe in themselves. Who believe in the good in this world. Who inspire you to be better still. Who you can easily converse with about anything. Someone who gets it, who gets you. Who can make you feel at home. Feel at ease. Feel like you belong. To find a kindred spirit on a journey of love. Who you can talk books with. Who can give you the gift of new books to read. Who you can talk meditation with. Who you can bounce ideas off of. Who you can bounce dreams off of. Who can help you and vice verse. Who you can effortlessly be vulnerable with, so you don’t even feel like you’re being vulnerable. You feel open. Open to share. Open to speak. Open to listen. When you talk there is no ego. There is no fear. There are no limitations. There is no need to fight for a position. No need to be right. To get the last word in. There is just peace. It just is and it is beautiful.

This is my family. My beautiful, crazy, large, inspiring family of leaders, teachers, coaches, and inspirations who have blessed my life. I am so thankful for this, and I am grateful I have discovered this so early on. They are the best.


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