Angel Kisses

Day 5Butterflies are kisses blown by Angels. Divine creation can be seen painted on the canvas of a butterfly’s wing ~K. D’Angelo

When you are open and aware, you can feel and see the synchronicity  of the universe.  A few week’s ago I snapped this picture outside of my grandmother’s house. I had been watching butterflies flock to this bush (later I discovered it was a butterfly bush-duh) and had been wanting to take a picture. This day I decided to leap. My gut kicked in as I ran inside to grab my camera. This is the result. Fast forward, the past weekend my mother and I ventured to Michigan, where we stayed with her cousin Beth (warning: more posts on this to come). Butterfly dances kept coming up. It started with us observing one of Beth’s posters. Mom immediately tuned into butterfly dancing in Beth’s harmony sector. I hadn’t even seen it, but her bringing attention to it, brought consciousness to it. Fast forward to the next morning when I was listening to my guided meditation with Deepak Chopra. As he’s taking me through a vision, I literally feel transported to the place he is guiding me. A place where the wind gentle coaxes and surrounds me in its embrace. Where I can feel, smell, see the fresh grass under my toes. Where I hear that soft breeze and the magic of being outdoors. Where I can breathe in the scent of the woods, surrounding my trees, I bath in the beauty of the world around me. I observe the butterflies in their dance. The constant flutter of their wings. Carrying them high. Dipping back down. They are stunning. Not worried about life, but fully living and experiencing it. They dance unfazed by my watchful eyes. They’re playful. They’re fun. They are stunning. As I open my eyes at the end of my meditation I notice a small butterfly has rested on my shoulder, joining me. Isn’t it miraculous how this happens?

More? When I was searching for quotes to put with this, I was instantly pulled to these two. Our late-night talk brought about many references to Divine Creation. But really the angel kisses stopped my scrolling instantly. Our family are angels. Literally, the surname Angel is in our blood. It was a perfect fit. A perfect alignment and harmony for this posts.

Like Gabby Bernstein teaches, life is full of miracles. A simple shift in perspective. None of these little coincidences passes by me. They reaffirm my belief in miracles. Be open. Be aware. The universe is trying to guide you.


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