Change Within

beautiful font and by one of the greatest rock singers on earth....absolutely adore U2To

       learn something new,

       walking the same old

       avenues? Did I believe I’d


       surprises under the pillow

       my head rests on every

       night- an extension of


        Change doesn’t come without invitation.

        You won’t discover it


         routine. And you won’t

        create an all-new and

        better you if you wait for

someone else

        to give you permission.

        Transformation begins-

        and ends-inside of you.

Another beautiful piece from Ellen Hopkins, Perfect. If you want a better life. If you want a dream life. Go after it. Doing the same old thing everyday is not going to morph one day into a rad, extraordinary life. The key to change is inside of us. Make the decision. Change your thoughts. Change your values. Change your relationships. Change your perspective. Change how you think of yourself. Don’t wait on the world to come to you. Go. Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Make strides, no matter how big, each day.


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