Dream BIG

“Never underestimate the power of dreams and the influence of the human spirit. We are all the same in this notion: The potential for greatness lives within each of us.” Wilma Rudolph

Confession: I am a big time DREAMER. Growing up I had a vivid imagination. I was hungry for a way to be creative. Nowadays when I dream, I dream big. I let this creativity and imagination take over. Life is fucking great and I was given all this imagination, why waste it by not dreaming? I don’t want a run of the mill life. Not that there’s anything wrong with this, but I want to be possessed by passion. I want the high of doing my best. The rush of being creative. Of having a vision in my head and having it come into fruition. I want to share it. I want to hold myself accountable. I want to be vulnerable. I see so many settle. Frozen by fear to be themselves, to follow their intuition, to connect to themselves, to dream, to believe they’re deserving, to believe in only possibility. I have been here. Now, today, I tell myself, go for it. Take risk. Fall hard and fly high. Live this life how YOU want. Stop trying to please everyone. It’s okay to ask yourself: what do I want?

It’s okay to share. My mom got teary-eyed the first time she saw my dreams published somewhere. She thought it was incredibly ballsy and wonderful to put myself out there like myself. But these dreams are in my heart. They’re me. I want them. I’m asking for them. I used to hide these. How can I ever allow for opportunities or for help, if no one knows what I want, what I’m going for? I’ll let doubt or self-consciousness come in. No more. These are my dreams and I’m going to share them. Today I shared with a friend, and she has ways to help. If I’d have kept them sheltered away only in my heart, I wouldn’t be able to keep making strides and steps towards my goals. I’d miss signs. I’d miss out on the right people. Dreams happen by sharing. By inviting people in. By doing. By acting. By taking steps. By listening. By following intuition. By seeing signs. By grasping opportunities. By being open. By being vulnerable.

So I’ll start with me. What do I want from life? How do I want to feel? Right now I want to get out there! I am in the process of bringing my food to the community. Setting up a road side stand and getting myself in fairs. Letting people see me. Letting them taste my food. As my dad says, I’ve got the lures, I just need the right lake to fish in. I need to allow my intuition kick in and lead me to my market. But also I need to make my objective to be, to make the best food possible. To value each person that stops by special. Whoever approaches is the most important person at that moment. How can I serve this person better? When I write a food blog: is this the best recipe I have? How will this help my audience. I think about one reader at a time. I have to believe in myself and believe in the people I attract.

From the stand my dreams get bigger. Where does a stand lead? First thing in October I submit my application to the farmer’s market for 2014. Until then I work, I meet people, I serve so I can get my VW Bus. My vehicle to deliver gluten-free, Celiac and Paleo friendly goods to my community. I can travel. I can connect to more people. I can do cooking lessons. I can cater parties and gatherings.

What else? A cookbook, the best compilation of recipes and personality that I have inside of me. From there an actual book. From there who knows what else life will hold to inspire me.

The BIG dream that I have never really shared? My big dream is forage market. I’ve read Seattle is setting up a market downtown where people can come forage their own produce. The big Treehouse Restaurant, Decatur, Georgiaone is to get a bunch of land. Plant a huge organic garden. Raise grass-fed and pasture-raised animals. Open it to the public to come learn about gardening and raising their own food. To see, hold, smell and taste where their food is coming from. To participate. On the land will also be a little cabin cafe, with tasty food. Plus another cabin with a kitchen for teaching. Maybe an area for tai chi or meditation, a place for books and reading. Somewhere hidden away will be my own little sustainable cabin to live and love. The compound can be a place to learn. To grow. To share. To connect. It can be a place to retreat. It is my big dream. It is mine to create. It is mine to build. Mine to plant the seeds. To nurture and let grow. Mine to act on. To keep in my heart.

This is my big dream. Will everyone understand? Will there be naysayers? Will there be doubts?Ā  Of course, but right now I am moving forward. This is what I want. It is tailor-made for me. For my purpose. For my intentions. A simple life of food service. A community. I dream in connections. What about you? When you allow yourself to go, where do your dreams go? If there were no boundaries, what would you want? If you could change your life, what would you ask for? Go big. Keep climbing. Love the journey.



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