Share Your Joy

Tell us what’s good in your life so that we can believe in it for ourselves, so that we can reach out and join in. We need you to light up our realities. Don’t shrink from sharing the story of your good fortune. Give us examples of well-loved living. Speak of your joy. Whatever it is. Often. ~Danielle LaPorte

Yesterday I woke up to this in my inbox due to my subscription to Danielle LaPorte. This kind of attitude, this kind of energy is like a drug to me. I need it. I want it around me at all times. So I have done what she says. I’ve answered the prompts. I’ve shared my love. Feel free to do the same!

We need you to tell us your good news: I have dreams. Big ones and each day, no matter the stride length, I take steps. I am completely captivated by he journey.
Tell us how deeply in love you are: I am thrilled with the thought of life. With each person I meet, there is a new opportunity to fall in love, a billion different ways.
Tell us how your life is rocking: life is rocking with clarity. Clarity of purpose. Clarity of intuition. Clarity of who I am, who I want to be. Clarity of vision and dreams. It is full of potential. Full of opportunities. Full of signs and the right people. Right now is the perfect moment.
How free you are these days: I feel free in my own freaking skin. In my own head. Get me out for a hike and I am soaring high. Being in nature is freedom.
Tell us how wonderful your family is: I have the biggest, craziest family. Parents who support me no matter what. I am blessed to have not only two parents so in love, but who have let me grow with the freedom to discover myself. To have my own voice. To make my own mistakes, to grow, learn and experience. No matter the size or profoundness of the dream, regardless if they truly understand my vision, they always encourage me to go for it. To live out loud and be true to myself. Happiness is all they have ever wanted for me. They make me a better person.
How many opportunities are coming your way: Opportunities are endless when I keep an open heart and mind. Dream food stand and healthy community is under way and always in my heart, at the center of my creative pulse. With trust in the Universe, I cannot even fathom all the opportunities that may be in store for me.
How great it feels to make your work in the world: baking gluten-free goodies and connecting with a community of health-minded individuals, feels right. It feels good. In the kitchen creating, feels like home. Like where I need to be. Like I’m headed in the right direction.
Tell us how fulfilled you feel in your job: I feel in my element. In a creative place. Something that is mine. That I will build. Something I can be proud of. But importantly, something I can use to serve.
How sexy you felt on the dance floor, on your bike, in the interview: Oh when I’m having a big, curly, wild, free hair day and I’m b-bopping around on my bike, swaying and swerving to the music playing on my phone, singing along channeling Celine Dion, I feel like a rockstar.
Tell us how well you’re being loved: I have  crazy-supportive unit around me. Always with the best intentions, they want me to succeed. They want to help. They tell me they love me. They show me they love me. They are my biggest cheerleaders. If ever I need them they are their. But most importantly they let me be myself.
How delicious your dinner was: I am obsessed with rutabagas. Last night I tossed some in a skillet with coconut oil, grass-fed ghee, bacon fat, and sea salt. Holy shit it was amazing!
How healthy and sturdy you are these days: Last night in class Kim told me my yoga was paying off because my kossack lunges were so pretty. I am faster. I am stronger. My endurance is up. I am flexible. My tai chi is getting better. My yoga, arm balances and headstands are improving. I get into the flow much better and constantly surrender to the mat. My kettlebell form is on point. Bike to work? I am rock solid and ready to go. Add in some hiking and I am mentally strong. Eating? My eating has been exceptional the last few weeks. I focus on merely doing my best. The foods are whole, nutritious and absolutely delicious.
Go ahead, tell us how lucky you are: I am lucky because I am here. Because I am constantly getting better. Because I am on the path of love. Because I am alive. Because I can share it.

Do you feel so utterly blessed at times that it blows your mind? Ya? Tell us about it. Please. You’re turn, give it a whirl. Let yourself believe in the good in you and the good in your life. Toot your horn and let your light burn bright.



2 thoughts on “Share Your Joy

  1. The picture at the top made me think of a Ted Talk I just listened to last week … the speaker would refer to it as a “Power Pose.” 🙂

    • What an awesome video. Thanks for the share! This is my first experience with Ted Talk, I look forward to watching new videos. I was just immensely happy when I took this picture

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