Be a Dead End

Dead end from @tmthy_dnldsnI find staying true to yourself or pounding out your own beat, can often make you a hot topic. When you’re going against the curve, when you are fearless to express yourself, you confuse people. Confusion will make others talk. Others will make assumptions.

Why do we think it’s our business to tell others how to live or be? To participate in gossip about others. Like a game of telephone, rumors I find to be ridiculous anymore. I heard from so and so that so and so did this. Blah…blah…..Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. Today I heard an outlandish rumor about my dad. First I laugh at the absurdity. But then I wonder: why waste your time and thoughts concerned with what he is doing? Is it hurting you in some way? Does it have anything to do with you? I have decided now when I am face-to-face with a rumor or gossip, I am going to put up a road block. A dead-end. Deaf ears. I am not interested. I am not participating in the conversation and I am definitely not going to spread it further. Don’t be afraid to turn on the stop light or put someone in their place. I was given this life. I was given a purpose. I want to focus on that. On serving and being a better person. I don’t have time for mindless gossip.
I loved a few years ago, I read about rule #6: don’t take yourself so damn seriously. I would add to rule number six, worry about your own damn self.

Concern yourself with being a better person. When faced with the rumor, think about your reaction. There is always a choice: to participate or not. Think instead of how you can support this person. How can I accept them? How can I be compassionate? How would I feel if others were talking about me in this manner? Choose love, not fear. When I’ve judged people, it can because I don’t understand. I’m confused. Because its different. Don’t be afraid because someone seems different, embrace them. Worry about marching to your own beat. Next time I’m faced with rumors, I will do exactly what I did today. Stop it!


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