Overspiritualizing? Me? Never

First Gabrielle Bernstein posted a vlog on overspiritualizing, which I didn’t watch. Oh, this cannot apply to me. This is at least what I tried to talk myself into believing. Then I heard Mastin Kipp talk about it. Then I listened to Gala Darling. And I thought man she is cool. Why? Because she seemed to have such an authentic outlook and style. Then I looked at myself, dug deep, and got radically honest.

I used to be like this. A girl with spunk. Her own style. Her own voice. I am creative and that was reflected in my presentation. I was authentic and true to myself. I dressed for myself. Not to fit in. Not to be trendy, but because I felt like it embodied me. But when I dug deep I realized I have been slipping on this. Slipping back to my invisible wardrobe. Big shirts. Big shorts. Nothing special. Nothing different. Where is that authentic girl. The girl who people would commit, ‘you look great, but I could never wear that.’ The ballsy girl who wasn’t afraid to take a risk? Who loved to accessory? The creative girl with her own voice? I want that girl back.

What does this have to do with overspiritualizing? Because I’ve been so focused on thoughts of judgement and the physical world, that I steered myself right into I Don’t Give a Fuck Land. Well I don’t care what anyone else looks like. I love them regardless of size, clothes, looks. Why does it matter then what I look like. My authenticity and pride began to vanish and fade? You say you love yourself? Show it! Show your body. Show your spirit. It’s not about the clothes, it’s about showing true-self. Your spirit.

My friend Tab is one of the most outspoken person I have ever met, but the first time she came to visit my shed, she was silenced. The next time I mentioned, she threatened me to never change it. Why such a response? It’s the same thing when I was in Colorado, my mom found refuge in my shed. Not just because of the silent serenity, but because of my presence in the space. Even though I was thousands of miles away, she could feel me in that space. Because I put my spirit in it. My inspirations. My positive affirmations. It was authentic to me and it wasn’t about the physical stuff and fancy decoration because there’s hardly anything in there.

So I confess I have been overspiritualizing. I’ve used it to just not care. To not care what I look like. To delay steps. You’re not ready, there are the perfect signs coming. Wait….wait….wait. Good you have the thoughts, but that’s step one. Get your ass out there and do something. Take those steps. Live with intentions. Move forward. Learn, grow, love the moment, be authentic, and embody the love and compassion. Live that life you want. Don’t just dream about it. Make it happen. Give a fuck!


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