See Something Good

I believe in positive reinforcement. Even if it is only a matter of you believing in yourself. I’ve been thinking about this radical self-love. Part of this is accepting and loving yourself as you are. Positive thoughts towards your body.

Today I looked in the mirror and thought, ‘damn, my legs fantastic today!’ It was a refreshing thought to start the day. After so many years waking up and avoiding mirrors  or picking out what I don’t like, I rocked the morning with some self-love. I do love my body. When I feel this way, I treat my body with love. I do my best today.I had the most radical yoga flow this morning. I had a tremendous walk. I ate the most nourishing food and took pride in the food I prepped.

When I look at my legs I see strength. I see power. I see potential. Opportunities. Adventure. They let me lift heavy kettlebells. They can take me anywhere. They propel and push me forward. Forward towards my goals and dreams. Forward towards the greatest experiences and adventure. They keeping moving, one step at a time. They are fast. They get me off the ground. They let me fly. They let me jump. They lunge. They squat. They pedal. They don’t see limits. They encourage me to push. To challenge. They say trust me and I’ll always guide you where you need to go.

I trust them completely. Sometimes I disconnect and just let my legs take over. There is no set destination, but I let my legs and intuition take over. They have never let me down. Always taking me to places more beautiful and humbling than I could ever imagine with my mind.

So next time you pass a mirror start to shift your perspective about yourself. Rock some true self-love. Pick out something good, rather than wasting time seeking out flaws.


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