Impeccable: Feels so Good

#intentionsYou know what feels amazing? Being impeccable. It is like an amazing high. Even when I have only kept the word I promised to myself, it sends me soaring for the day. One of the qualities I like least when I catch myself doing it, is when I say I’ll do something and then flake. Sometimes it’s unintentional. Shit happens, but still I get little down, not staying true to my word.

So lately when I set the intention to do something, and I get to mark it off of my daily intentions, it adds more joy. It’s not just crossing something off a list. It is progress towards change. Progress to becoming better. A better person. Better at serving. Better at cooking. Each mark is a step towards my dreams. No matter how small, I am moving forward. Like a rope. Each task is a tug on that rope. Drawing my dreams in closer and closer each time. But also seeing the intention, let’s me appreciate each step it takes. When I underline it as a must and then I do it, I am ecstatic. Because for me if I don’t act or follow my intuition, I’ll stall. I’ll keep pushing it back. Excuse after excuse will pop up to keep me from going after what I truly want. Doubt creeps in. My ego taunts me with insignificance. How do I silence it? Act, get my butt in gear. Set the intention and follow it through. Like I said even if it’s a baby step, take it.

Get out! Don’t limit yourself. Believe in yourself. Set the intention and remain impeccable with your word. Especially the promise to you and your purpose. Go after it. Live the life of your dreams. Keeping tugging the rope closer because each pull feels good!


2 thoughts on “Impeccable: Feels so Good

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