Radical Self-Love

Beautiful QuoteBe prepared The Daily Love EXTRAVAGANZA has me overflowing with inspiration, thoughts, and clarity. I’ve been thinking the last month about the physical world, notably physical appearance. I just couldn’t get the post together, though. Every time I sat down to write it, what I had intended to write just slipped from my brain. A huge BLANK. Patience is a skill I work on and I’ve done this before, where a post will be in my head for a month or two before it manifests itself onto paper. I couldn’t write this post because I needed to listen to Gala Darling. I had never heard of her, but she instantly inspired me. She was bad ass because she seemed so authentic to herself. What really struck me in her interview was:

only 4% of women think they’re beautiful.

I don’t really think I was surprised, but hearing it is different. This number is dismal. I decided to check this out. I took a survey of my friends and family because I knew they’d be honest with me. For the most part this number held up. I had one resounding YES, a definite no, and a few sometimes or I think I’m pretty and people tell me I’m beautiful, but only one yes. I think the key to being this 4% lies in the answer from my yes. Here’s a spoiler, it’s more than physical looks:

Yes I do think I’m beautiful not just because my looks but because m love for my friends and family is so genuine and true. My wild fire ball attitude helps me to always light up a dim room. Beauty is truly inside and out.

Damn that’s an excellent way to look at yourself. For me personally it has taken me until recent years to think of myself as beautiful. Growing up everyone told me how pretty my sister was. I didn’t think I was ugly, but I didn’t think I was beautiful. For me the killer to my own confidence comes with comparison. Same thing with my life, writing, art, anything. When I start to compare myself, I instantly kill the belief in myself. I was born with these skills, why waste them not living my purpose. God (source, whatever your outlook for creation) created me to look this way. By nit-picking and being unsatisfied, I am not just hurting myself, but I am criticizing God’s work. By comparing, I am dwelling on something I can’t change, and I am overlooking all the good in me.

For me I feel I had a leg up, because I loved drawing portraits growing up. Finding beauty in others was effortless. Often their insecurities, were features I loved the most. They’re unique, they make you, you. As I started my spiritual awakening, I had to re-evaluate the way I looked at myself, and the way I treated myself, along with the way I treat others. I began the path to radical self-love and acceptance. I looked at my flaws and embraced them.I shifted my perception on them. I’ve got this huge scar on my head, now I frequently part my hair to showcase it. Scars and wrinkles are an intrinsic part of us. Of our story, of the lessons we have learned. Of the growth we’ve experienced. I began doing the same thing with personality, instead of thinking what drives me crazy, think about what I love, think of how thankful I am to be here with this person. I also began to realize that beauty was beyond physical. We so often are quick to judge by appearance. We don’t give people a chance. Think of sitting at a restaurant, listening to a group talking behind you. How fun it is to just listen to them. You have no clue what they look like, you’re getting to know them through sound, not sight. We base so much on looks, that

Me this very moment as is, loving and accepting myself.

we don’t see the real person, or we strive to be a physical being rather than a spiritual being. In 20 years, the body is going to be completely different from the one you have now. We seek to make something perfect that is ever-changing. Take care of it, but don’t let the focus be on just the physical because then it’s like my post on happiness, you are always seeking and never satisfied. Focus on making your self better.

One love, billions of variations. One beauty, billions of variations. Don’t let the world or others dictate what beauty means to you. Chose differently. Set your own statements. Let them be limitless and all-inclusive. Why waste the single beauty that is yours? Embrace it. Be proud. Rock it with confidence. Have your own style. Have your own voice. Have fun with it. Don’t be afraid to let others see it and don’t be ashamed to say it proudly. I am beautiful. Look in the mirrors, tell yourself. When you’re confident and beautiful inside it will radiate out. We all have this good and beauty inside us, be open and let it out.

See with your soul and not with your eyes. The greatest gift we can give others is to let them be themselves and love them as they are.

This was my tweet the other day and I believe it with my whole heart. Think of listening to that group at the restaurant again. Stay true to yourself, that is beautiful. Self-love is beautiful. We all have good in us. We are all beautiful, but are we open to it? Are we willing to believe we are beautiful? Are we open to believe we are deserving of love? Are we willing to believe in the good in ourselves? Let yourself be beautiful. Do it now! Start believing in yourself now. Not in 20 pounds. Not when you have more money. Start the process to self-love NOW. Be a part of that 4%. No raise this 4%, let’s start seeing the beauty in ourselves. Let’s practice some radical self-love!


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