Focus Shift: How can I help TODAY

ServiceDo you subscribe to the Daily Love? If not you need to check it, Mastin is putting out a Daily Love EXTRAVAGANZA this week with some of the world’s top inspirational leaders. Following Mastin and listening to his story this week has really clicked with me. I feel this last month I have been on an inspired roller coaster. For the most part I am at the greatest clarity and place of love I’ve ever been. I feel like I’m moving towards my purpose, little by little. But the last month I found myself slipping into focusing on the law of attraction. I’ve been down this road before and I do believe in the law of attraction, but I missed the boat on how I perceived and used it. Watching the Secret and such, I clung to the fact of asking the Universe for what I wanted. So then I began to think, ‘oh my goodness I can ask the universe for anything, what do I want?’ Some of the thoughts were great, but some were ego driven because it wanted more, so then I found myself getting dissatisfied with life now when I gave attention to these thoughts. Sometimes impatience would creep in. I have a beautiful life, but I have to trust and believe in the Universe. I was focused on the physical thoughts rather the spiritual thoughts. Shift my thoughts from I want, I want, I want more BS, to asking for spiritual guidance instead. Let me be more passionate today? Let me do something with my purpose, my passion today? And then do it! How can I live with intention, so the Law of Attraction and I are jiving and grooving? Ask for it. Ask for the guidance and then be open to accepting it when comes. Don’t just say it, do it. Work towards the purpose today, and forget the crap the ego is asking for. Listen to what your gut and intuition and asks and act on it. When it kicks and tells you to do something, do it. Don’t be afraid, but be trusting. What an opportunity to grow, to learn, to adventure.

I listened to Mastin and he talked about starting the Daily Love. All the struggles he went through, but he kept the thought: how can I serve. He put in the time, he tweeted his heart out, and he diligently delivered a loving message. Letting my ego get involved in the law of attraction, I lost sight of the most important thing: service. I don’t need to focus on all these things. I need to work on doing my best today. I need to focus on how I can serve today. How can I live passionately today? Shift from how can I get more followers to: how can what I’m experiencing or writing benefit someone else? How can I relate? How can I improve this recipe for this person right here. The Universe will take care me. Trust this. It has worked in the past, it is working right now, don’t overlook it. Trust that my purpose will play out, but right now focus your intentions today. Focus on what I can do for someone else. How can I make this class better? How can I make my post and writing better? How can I make this meal better, how can I make it healthier? How can I show compassion? How can I be a better friend? How can I be a better daughter?

Brittany set daily intentions to do better today, even if it’s 1% better than yesterday (I got this from Mastin too). You’re a moment girl, but give yourself some direction and follow through with the agreement to be impeccable with your word. Focus on your thoughts. Thoughts have power. You don’t have to be them. I frequently listen to the stream of thoughts flowing through my mind and think who the hell is that. You don’t have to be your thoughts, but be aware and conscious of the thoughts you give attention to. The ones you dwell on, you give power to. Don’t let the ego-driven, selfish thoughts, win out. Redirect your thoughts to how you can help and be of service. Of how you can be better.  Ask for guidance and be open to it. Do something for your dreams today, but also follow your gut, you’ve got good intuition. Live daily with the intention to serve and live purposefully. Let the Universe be your guide, it will take care of you. Relax and be patient, you’re doing fine. Trust.


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