Let it Go

Today I decided to do my Har Har meditation along with a video by Gabrielle Bernstein. I also intuitively decided to scroll through her video feed. I remembered getting this vlog in my inbox, but at the time I didn’t watch it. Today I felt drawn to hit the play button. Of course I have faced some criticism or some comments this week. I’ve gone back and forth. I let it go. But occasionally my ego will pique and want some attention. It wanted to take it personally. From here it just encouraged me to shut down. To hide, to not put myself out there. I listened to it, let it rant and rave, and then once again I let it go. When you are true to yourself and put yourself out there, some may have something to say. But negative comments are a deflection of your own thoughts. When I say something unkind about someone, it is a reflection of what’s going on inside me, not the other person. I take responsibility.  I’m with Gabby that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t. Why waste time being negative? What in me is making me feel negative about this person? What am I projecting, that I am receiving these comments? Let’s do a little positive cleansing. I’ve got to walk my talk. Lately I’ve been telling mom it’s in your thoughts. If you give the criticism or a word attention, then you give it power. If someone calls you a bitch and you begin to believe it, you fuel. You give it power over you. The more I cling to comment, the more I feed it. Let it go. Forgive the person, don’t let it affect how you treat or view them. Be compassionate and realign with your power to treat others kindly, as you would like to be treated.  And then forgive yourself. I forgive you, Brittany. Now let’s move on. Let’s light up the social media and our ways we outreach with positive vibes. With positive posts. With positive pictures. With positive comments. Dig deep and don’t hold yourself back. Be true to yourself and let that shine. Don’t darken the world with negativity.



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