Free Yourself

'I love you' in multiple languages!“Too often we do not say what we are feeling in our hearts and we hold back our true words of love, courage and compassion that should be said. When you become courageous enough to express the Truth of how you are really feeling you set yourself free and align with the vibration of your Truth. This is when miracles, synchronicities and amazing things begin to happen. At first it might be a little rough because you are clearing out everything that isn’t true for you. But it’s my promise to you dear friend that once you’ve reached a clean slate, your Truth will set you free, your Truth will make you happy and your Truth will always provide for you. My biggest promise to you is that your Truth will deliver a life greater than you have imagined. All you have to do is let go of what is not true for you and let it in what is.” – Jackson Kiddard

Yes, Yes, YES a thousands times over. This quote is absolutely brilliant and I see the synchronicity of this appearing in my inbox this morning when I just had a conversation with my mom right along these lines last night. We were discussing assumptions, they’ve been on my mind the last couple of weeks. If you haven’t read Miguel Ruiz’s Four Agreement, you should, he’s insightful and the book can be life-changing (my dad reads it on repeat year-round). My perspective on the conversation was that we assume how people feel. And not just negative assumptions about others judging us, but we make positive assumptions as well.

We just assume others know how we feel about them, or a situation. Oh they know I care about them. They know I love them. I don’t have to tell them. Guess what you do. Firstly, they want to hear it. We want to be loved and accepted no matter what we say. Trust me I’ve got a friend in a relationship where her boyfriend doesn’t speak his feelings or say I love you. Even though she knows he would do anything from her, she wants to be told, ‘I love you.’ But also, look above, how good does it feel to speak your mind. To be honest with yourself and others. To share your own perspective. To let it out that you care. That you love. Be courageous and make that move. Be free. Free yourself. Live up to your truth, your happiness. Because you know what, someday that person or you is going to be gone and your truth will be pent-up inside. Never seeing the light of day or able to make a difference. Never able to show compassion. To initiate a smile. Never able to brighten someone’s day. Don’t suffocate your joy and your truth, forever suppressing it. Let it out! Don’t be afraid to be yourself and to express yourself. The right energies with gravitate towards you, the right people will pop up, and life will feel good. I’m going to let out my truth: I love you. Whoever you are reading this right now. I am thankful for you taking the time to read this. FREE!

Go confidently in the direction of what you believe to be true.


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