Be you, the wonderul you

Each morning I wake up giving thanks. Thanks for waking up. For my shed. For a restorative night of sleep. For another day full of potential and miracles. And so on, the thanks I go through vary and changes. However, this week was the first week I gave thanks for myself. It really never occurred to me to do it before. To be the best I can, to be passionate, to be loving and compassionate I have to love myself, but I also have to appreciate myself. So thank you. Thank you for me. Perfect little me being alive and breathing today. For the love, miracles, and potential I have inside.

Right before I wrote this, Miguel Ruiz was on television saying the ultimate love is the one for yourself. And he’s right. We have to love ourselves unconditionally because we are constant. Others will always come and grow. And we’ll love them. They’ll teach us lessons, but we can not depend on them for happiness and love. We have to look within ourselves for that. Happiness comes from and is within us already, all the time. We enter into relationships as wholes, growing and learning together. But first and forever we have to love and appreciate ourselves.

So when you are practicing gratitude, be thankful you. You are a gift. A blessing. A bright shining light.


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