Be the First

be the change in the world you wish to seeRecently I felt a tug and pull on some of my friendships. I realize now that I have been waiting. I decided I wasn’t going to be the one constantly reaching out, asking what I can do and be available. I was going to sit back and wait for someone to pay attention and reach out to me. Wrong. I was leading with my ego, just allowing pity parties into my life. To begin if you want something in life. Go for it! Don’t make assumptions of what the other person is doing or thinking, or importantly what they’re thinking of you. Secondly, treat others how you want to be treated. You are responsible for how you react. Don’t focus on the injustice of the world or feel sorry for yourself. Make yourself vulnerable. Make yourself available. Put yourself on the line. Don’t give thinking about what you’ll gain in return. Give, give, give and give some more. Give compassion. Give a nice message. Give attention. Give love. If someone doesn’t want it that’s on them, but don’t stop expressing yourself and don’t stop being yourself. How can someone respond negatively to love? Even if you’re too much for them, do it anyway. This world needs more love. Share and express yourself. Go back to the Four Agreements, don’t make assumptions and don’t take things personally. I’ve been playing not so nicely with these the last month with my friends. I am sorry.

Reach out. Don’t wait for someone else. Don’t wait for them to apologize. Don’t wait for them to say I love you. Don’t wait for them to set up an event or a time to hang out. YOU do it! Call, text, message, set up a meeting. Express yourself. Open and share your heart and thoughts. Be truly compassionate and don’t expect a return. Just do it! Stop waiting on life to come to you, initiate.

You know that saying, ‘Be the change you want to see in the world.’ If you want to change your relationships or change things in your lifestyle, don’t wait. Do it yourself. Don’t give excuses. Oh, they never call me. Oh, they don’t have anything in this small town. Out there is something you want. Why not create it yourself, right here where you are? Why not be the change? Why not be the first? Make the first contact. Set up a group. I’ve thought about how their really isn’t a gluten-free spot in Terre Haute, why not create it myself? Why let the lack stop me? There are not a lot of commuters in the area (although there are some) and even though the bike roads have improved, there could be more improvements. Of course the city and the right people need to get involved before the city can be biker friendly, but I can still be a trailblazer. I can try it now. I’ve got to get on the bike or set out on foot first. I’ve got to be the change. Sure some have told me I’m an idiot, others have told me they commend me, and some have joined me and picked up their cycling. But I have to make up my mind and be the first, be the change. Stop waiting on everyone to catch up or to believe in you. You believe in yourself. Believe in your actions. Be the first. Initiate. Dream. Go after life. Be ahead of the trend. Build and create friendship. Stick to your intuition and don’t be afraid to be the only one. If something doesn’t exist, create it! Lead openly with love, fearlessly into the unknown.


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