Pocket Full of Sunshine

Pocket full of SunshineIt has been raining like crazy here in Indiana. As I’ve expressed I am now riding my bike to commute. I honestly wouldn’t mind riding in the rain. It’s funny, though, that every time I take off to impending dark clouds, which look like they’re going to unleash one hell of a storm. However, when I take off it doesn’t storm. Actually the sun comes out. The other day when questioned about riding in the rain, I jokingly said I’ve got a pocket full of sunshine. A little window of time that seems to come out just for me. It will rain before I leave. It will storm as soon as I get home, but it does not rain while I’m on the rain. I am thankful that I get this little bit of sunshine on my commute. Naturally, though, this makes me dig a little deeper.

Are the pockets of sunshine a sign of the light coming into my life, of the light emanating from me? Is it a lesson to look for the positive in the dark times. To remain true to my myself and to choose love.  I am choosing to believe this. Let your light shine, even in the darkest gloom.


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