Say yes to life quote via in life you just need to live. You need a moment to say yes. Not just say yes, but to scream yes as you throw your hands up, toss your head back, smile and laugh a little as you fill yourself on the potential of a new experience. Sometimes you’ve got to take a chance, take a risk. Push your limits, push the boundaries, smash comfort zones. When a new opportunity comes, instead of letting excuses and fear get in the way, think: why not?

Brittany do you want to go to a Gita meeting? Brittany I signed us up for Tai Chi if you want? Brittany I’m thinking of decorating cookies, want to join? Brittany I hear you do kettlebells, want to try some water bells in the pool? When opportunity strikes say yes, yes, yes, and yes again. Stop defining limits and striving to stop change. Don’t give power to the negative thoughts holding you down. Let your thoughts flow with the positive energy you want to live in. Change is inevitable, it is always happening. Often I intentionally push myself to change or I push my comfort zones. If somethings easy, I lose interest. I love a challenge. To push myself. To test those comfort zones. Yeah it pushes me. Yeah I sometimes get frustrated, but for the most part I completely thrive in the challenge. The high from going outside your comfort zone and who you perceive yourself to be is amazing. When a sign comes or a person comes or an opportunity arises, why not? Why not try a new food? Why not say yes to a date? Why not give someone a chance? Why not give an organization a chance? Why not try something new? Take a new class. Take a new route to work.

Give a resounding yes to life! All these experiences from a night  learning the Gita from a professor who has studied and taught it in India for over 50 years. To a serene night of tai chi connecting with my body, flowing through forms. To a day in the pool with my radical cousin, experimenting with tools for a new venture and project to serve. To an afternoon piping mustache cookies with one of my best friends. All things I’ve never done. All experiences to learn and grow from. All a lot of fun. Live it, experience it, have freaking fun!



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