Purpose Progression

PurposeIt’s miraculous, a day I’m thinking about purpose is the day an inter library loan comes in about Purpose. Like many 25 year-old (actually I think we are constantly searching for meaning in life and some of us never discover our purpose), I’m at that point where I’m on the threshold of what to do with my life. Instead of thinking how am I going to make money, though, I am thinking how do I want to experience my life. How do I want to feel? What can make my life richer? How can I serve others? How can I make my life better? How can I make life better for others? How can I live up to my potential? How can I live with burning passion? I believe we are all created unique. No matter how we try to ‘fit in’, to be normal, to live up to expectations we are never going to be like everyone else. But why? Why would we want to? Our history and experiences make us who we are. For this reason I catch myself when I go to make a judgmental comment or thought. We can not know what someone has been through in their lives. We don’t know what is in their thoughts and hearts. We only control our reactions. We control our own destiny. We control our thoughts. Our world is a reflection of our thoughts. Our decisions create our lives. We have the opportunity to say no sometimes. We can create and live our own unique dreams, the matter the scale. So how do we go about discovering our purpose? How do we build on our dreams? How do I keep that passion burning at all times? How do I live right now and keep my dreams in my mind? These are all things that flow through my thoughts. Jon Gordan is a fantastic writer. He does a great job of telling a story. In the Seed he outlines the stages of purpose. This is my personal experience. Look at each step and reflect. Where are you at? How do I move on to the next stage? How do I live with purpose? How do I find it?

Stage 1: Preparation Stage. This is our upbringing, our family, our births. Here we create our strengths, weaknesses, gifts, passions, and the experiences and challenges we face mold us. They make us unique and determine the characteristics guiding us to purpose. Sometimes in the preparation stage we deal with adversity. We face droughts. I am coming out of a drought. A drought could be a time when you are low on ideas or money or good fortunes or contacts and success seems to dry up. You may feel like you are, ‘in a desert isolated from the prosperity, health, and success of the world-thirsty and hungry for something to sustain you but hopeless and despairing because you are stuck in the sand and wondering how you are going to get through this.’ This person, this experience makes you who you are TODAY.

Stage 2: Planting Stage. I feel I am in the planting stage. When I look at my preparation stage I see all of the signs pointing me to my thoughts today. No mistakes, all lessons guiding me. I see the road-side stand as child. I see my 10-year-old self in the kitchen practicing my cooking show. I think of the week I baked pies for a week straight because just baking me happy, I didn’t even have to eat them. I think of doing cooking classes at Body Change when Dad left. How I loved the cooking for (serving) others. How I love a theme (Halloween is my favorite holiday) and how I would use this to create cute, thoughtful gift bags for anyone attending one of my classes. I think of the high leaving a class, of how much fun I had. I think of that hike on Pikes Peak Highway. Where it hit me: cook, you are a cook. My food bus came to me. The idea felt so right to me. It burned and blazed. There it was, my purpose, and I looked up to the most astounding view of a snow-capped Pikes Peak like a sign that I needed to listen to these thoughts. And I cried right there. Food service, catering. I love to cook for others. I think of the other day. I’d been toying with some ideas of baking somewhere in town and such and all these growing complex ideas, but then I woke up and it was clear: Brittany focus on preparing some awesome things. Set a date and set up your roadside stand. Think of how drawn you are to local little markets. Keep it simple and stay true to your heart. You have prepared for this. Get out there, meet some people and let them taste your food. Slow down and don’t rush into something. Start here and put in your market application in October. Be creative. Do you feel this clarity? It’s like the day I woke and knew I needed to stay in Indiana. Listen to your heart and intuition. Let them guide you. See these signs. Feel what excites you. Know what you love. Know how you want to feel and go after what makes you feel that way. The planting stage is the moment when you decide to plant yourself where you are. “Whatever role you have in life; you decide to become all you can be in the service of others.” Believe in yourself. Believe in your purpose. Others can be doing the same thing, but there is only one you. Bring your gifts. Bring your enthusiasm.

Stage 3: Growth Stage. Obviously this is when you’ll begin to flourish. This stage is not without challenges, though. You will face naysayers and the critic within. There may be doubts. Remember, “Your purpose and faith must be greater than the opinions of others. Never, never, never compare yourself to others, the great enemy of growth is the belief that you don’t matter. Everyone is on their own path. Everyone’s timeline is different.” I truly believe this, occasionally when I begin to compare myself I get down. I doubt myself. Why should I do this if someone else already is? But then I tell myself: Believe in yourself. Believe in your purpose. Others can be doing the same thing, but there is only one you. Bring your gifts. Bring your enthusiasm.

Stage 4: Harvest Stage is where you give, give, give and are replenished.

So go through the stages. Ask yourself questions. Look for signs and look within. Open your heart and your thoughts to let purpose take over your life. It doesn’t have to be extravagant, it just has to be true to you. Burn with that passion, because every cell in your body lights up when you are doing your best, living with passion and purpose.

“It takes courage…to endure the sharp pains of self discovery rather than choose to take the dull pain of unconsciousness that would last the rest of our lives.” Marianne Williamson



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