Life Enthusiast

FalseThe subject matter on my daily bike rides changes daily or even from street to street. Today I was thinking about enthusiasm. I have added ‘Life Enthusiast’ to some of my networking sites. So today I asked myself, ‘what does this mean?’ How do you be or become a life enthusiast. How does it feel? How do I embody this today? This is what I have discovered.

I like to live with an exclamation point. Where just waking up in the morning, the thought of a new day and being alive thrills me. I fill up with such happiness going through my daily morning thanks. How much I have to be thankful for! Here is what being a life enthusiast means to me:

Point #1: Being an enthusiast means being thankful. Thankful for each day. For each opportunity. For all the people I meet. For chances to grow and learn. For being alive, in this body, on this earth, surrounded by beauty.

Point #2: Finding beauty in the world, even (especially) things we have consider ordinary. To embody beauty myself. To feel and tell myself I am beautiful. And most importantly to let others shine in their unique beauty.

Point #3: Be compassionate. Treat others the way you want to be treated. One of the greatest gifts we can give another person is to let them be themselves. Don’t try to impress me, I already think you’re perfect. You, just as you are this moment. You don’t even have to talk or get dressed or drive a fancy car. You’re already perfect and I already love you.

Point #4: Smile! Pass along a kind, genuine smile, it’s easy. Laugh, wholeheartedly. How refreshing it is to laugh. Sometimes I’ll go a bit without a soul warming laugh, and when I let one out it is so freeing. ‘Why don’t I do that all the time?’ is what I think to myself. Let others join in on your joy. Compliment. Don’t just say something because you think you should say something nice, mean it. If you’re thinking something say it, it’s not hard, stop limiting yourself. ‘I like your hair,’ ‘you look stunning today,”you have the best energy’. How about ‘have a great day, a great weekend, a great trip.’ Wish others well, let them know you care, that you see them, that you love them. The simplest one of all, ‘thank you.’ From here you can expand and expand. ‘Thanks for being here.’ ‘Thanks for your generosity.’ ‘Thank you for being you.’

Point #5: Be Happy. Make the choice to be happy. It’s a lifetime commitment, each day reaffirm your choice. This physical experience is temporary and short. You never know when it will end. You have the choice of how your experiences feel. Would you rather be miserable or happy? It doesn’t have to be obnoxiously in your face happy. Life throws you challenges, but think about your reaction to these challenges. Life is really perception. Our own individual perceptions of the world around us. Challenges are an opportunity for us to be creative. Use our beautiful imaginations and deep dig to listen to our intuition. Go with the flow and waves of life. Learn and grow from each experience. Become better and better. The world needs happy people, give it what it wants, be content in this moment that you have enough and life will be okay. Stop reaching beyond and sit in this moment. Truly be there. Hear, touch, feel and taste the world around you. Breathe it in and let it be enough. Let yourself be enough.

Point #6: Dance. When I read Brene Brown I learned dancing is like full-body vulnerability. So true. Express yourself and let go sometimes. Feel the moment. Let others see. You can’t do it wrong, it is your feelings. It’s you and you are perfect. Be vulnerable in general. Don’t be afraid to be yourself. To dress differently. To sing. To paint. To write. Express and share your story and what’s in your heart. Others may criticize, but really we respect others who are vulnerable, even though we’re often afraid to be vulnerable ourselves. Let your beautiful self be seen. You are unique, don’t waste it, shine!

Point #7: Love! It may be cliché, but truly I’ve learned love is all there is and it’s always an option. Just like happiness, we can choose to be loving. Don’t be afraid to love yourself and to love others. When it’s not there, fears creep in, judgement, bitterness, jealousy. Be a beacon for love and light up this life.

Point #8: BE! Biggest lesson I learned from the Tao was the power of just being. It seems so simple, but how many of us have mastered just being. We’re living in rewind or fast-forward. We’re looking around for something else. Striving. Striving to prove ourselves. To make something of our lives. To impress others. To be perceived as perfect. To have the dream life. We’re so busy planning our lives and ensuring our futures (when we’ll actually live our lives) we forget to do it now. Live now. Be present now. That’s all there is. The future is not  guaranteed. We are all going to die. It’s inevitable. After birth, we all head towards death. This is our one chance. Why waste it? Live your life now.

I admit I sometimes slip on some of these points, but I am always striving for them. Striving to be better and to be present. To enjoy this beautiful life, so when I do pass I’ll know I lived and loved every moment of it.



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