When You Believe

Each morning and night I remind myself to remain open. Open to love. Open to abundance. Open to miracles. Lastly I finish with ‘I believe in miracles.’ Before I take off on my bike ride I assure myself, ‘something great is going to happy today.’ You know what it usually does. It doesn’t always have to be a big miracle or a big something, but it is a miracle non-the-less. A constant stream of miracles is better than an occasional big one. Life becomes miraculous.

As I take off on my ride then it is not surprising that this song, “When You Believe” starts to play. As the day comes, so come the miracles. Money shows up when I need it. My nephews show up when I need a little fun. My dear friend Mary calls because Tai Chi lessons basically fell into her life. A few weeks ago I wrote a post on Tai Chi and she’d looked into it. On this day it happened. Mom and I had great classes. I had a rocking nutritious dinner.

A Course in Miracles teaches that miracles should always be happening. It’s amazing what can happen if only you believe. If you are open. What a rich experience life is!



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