“To be yourself in a world that is constantly trying to make you something else is the greatest accomplishment.”3af2565e17eeaf2ebaad5413f09953b5

Authenticity has been flowing through my mind lately. This quote is so true. We are so good at telling everyone else how to live their lives. We have an opinion to voice. We know. That is a trap, ‘I know’ kills us. If we’re all so damn smart and know what to do all the time, why are most not happy and living their dreams? Lately I’ve learned that I don’t need a reason to feel. I was always looking for a definition or a reason to be happy. Then I stopped searching for it and I got happy. But also I realized not everyone wants to be happy or for you to be happy. I’ve been told I need to suffer more. “Brittany people don’t want to see that you’re so happy.” Tough shit if someone wants to think life sucks that’s on them. Why do I need to take myself down with them. The world needs more happy people if you ask me. Honestly most people don’t want my life (it’s challenging, without the glitz and glamor that most seek), but it is my experience and I’m going to make the most of it. I love it.

If I want to be happy, damn it I’m going to be happy. I think really that most are afraid of being truly happy. How many people do you meet who are honestly happy? We are afraid we don’t deserve it. We don’t have a reason to justify our joy. We’re jealous that others have it. We’re afraid we’ll lose it, once we get. We cover it up with reality. ‘I’m real’ or ‘that’s reality’. I don’t know what this reality is that others speak of. I think it is an excuse. An excuse to stay the same. To not look at ourselves. To not work on ourselves and make ourselves better. We are afraid of our own greatness and happiness, so we create the real world of misery and suffering. The real world is hard. I’ve been reading Jon Gordon:

Humans don’t live their lives based on reality, but rather on their perceptions of reality.

Absolutely! It’s all about perception and that is going to vary according to each individual and that is beautiful. Besides realizing I don’t need a reason to feel, I don’t need to defend my life and stance anymore. I’m riding a bike instead of driving. Period. I sleep in a shed. Period. When you go against the curve everyone wants a reason why. Why don’t you drink? Why do you drink, is the question I want to ask. We’re always on the defensive. Concerned about how we’re being perceived. If we’re doing the ‘right’ thing. We worry about what others are doing. And we want to tell them how to do it. When I announced I’d be riding I got, ‘Oh you shouldn’t ride on the highways,’ ‘You should ride this bike,’ ‘You should take this route.’ Do this… on and on. There are all kinds of underlying reasons for the choices I make, but the bottom line is I decided that today this is what I wanted to do. We were each given these beautiful gifts of living and I’m doing what I see fit for my experience. I gave up telling others what to with their lives. I know nothing. I especially don’t know anything about anyone else’s lives. I sit and listen as others sound off on someone else’s decision. Guess what you have no right to judge. You are not in that person’s life. You don’t know what’s in their hearts or thoughts. You don’t know what they’ve experienced. How about instead of telling people what they should do, we accept them. We love them as they are. How refreshing is it to be around someone who’s not judging you, who you can be yourself with? Do you have friends like that? The only thing I ask when someone asks me what they should do is, “what makes you happy?” Do what makes you happy. Stop saying you know. Do! Stop telling others how to live. Stop defending your own life. Live it. Act. You don’t have to justify it, just embrace it. We each make our own decisions. Be true to yourself and give others the freedom to be themselves. Just let go. Let them be. You be. Be happy.


2 thoughts on “Defenseless

  1. I absolutely and completely love and adore you. Being on this crazy, awesome adventure through the jungles of time and space with you is awesome! Continue to live, love, learn, and grow. Hugs, Bella

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