Perspective Shift

We are really good at talking and wanting, but somewhere along the line we get stalled at the start line. What is holding us back?

Last month I went to a built environment seminar (click the link to find out about it- it was radical). I came away wanting to ride my bike and walk more.  I wanted to sell my car and simplify more. After a month of keeping the thought in my head, yesterday I finally started. I took to the highway with my 1970’s Slick Chick Schwinn and used my powerful, capable legs to get me where I needed to go. Why did I not do this a month ago? As I was cruising along on a perfect day, I had such clarity. When we want to change something or we’re going to trek out and do something new, the anticipation wrecks us. It creates this drama filled illusion. Your mind and ego want to keep you ‘safe’ and the same. It tries to influence. It tells you, ‘This is going to be hard.’ Why do you want to do that?’ it taunts. It makes your feel afraid or anxious. You stall. You question instead of leaping, you stay at the starting blocks. You stay the same. The mind and ego are gluttons too. They wine and want to be constantly fed.

Shift your perspective. Don’t pay them any mind. Make a different decision. Instead of overfeeding them, think about the possibilities. Think of what you can do to make life happen, to do epic shit. Don’t waste time building up wall of limitations. Focus on what you can do. If you tell yourself repeatedly something is going to be hard, guess what? It’s going to be hard.

For the last month, I fed negative thoughts that riding along the highway is ‘unsafe’. I gave myself excuse, after excuse. Terre Haute is not a good bike town, I told myself. But than Wednesday I told myself I am going to do this. And then I shared my ambitions. After I committed, that was it. Thursday I took off. I started feeding my positives thoughts and I had an absolute blast. I did not think once about it being hard. It was a fun adventure. It was just like with my shed. Mom said try it out for a week. I said I’m doing it. Three years later I’m still there. I love life, when it pushes me. When I shift. When I work at being better. When I simplify. Now I am on day two of being a bike/hike commuter and I could not be happier. Next step: sell the car (there may be a white mustang with pink stripes up for sale soon).

If you want to change your life, shift your perspective. Stop feeding your gluttonous ego. Enjoy the ride!


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