Letting Go

imagesIt’s amazing what a little sunshine can do. It is the perfect vitamin to zap oncoming negatives thoughts, fear, doubt, and self-sorryness. It’s an instance shift in perspective to heightened thought flow. Yesterday I dwelled on simplicity. Specifically my own journey to simplify my life. As I recounted several times, three years ago I read Change Your Thoughts Change Your Life by Dr. Wayne Dyer. That’s when I got rid of most of my stuff and moved into my shed.

All the material items in my life were like strings tethered to a hot air balloon, tying me to the ground. It’s all I could see. All I could focus on. Then I had to take care of it. As I started getting rid of it and as I started uncluttering my mind (of fears, worries, want, need, etc.), it was like cutting those ropes. I got lighter. Gradually I began to soar. It’s hard to fly when you’re weighted down. Let go of the shit holding you back. Because as I got higher, I saw more. I saw the world. I saw my life. Looking at people, I saw them. Not actually how they physically appeared, but the real them. The constant, not the ever changing body. When you come out of your tunnel vision, the world is a brighter more beautiful place. The ordinary is so much richer. Life is richer.

If you want to fly and have a clear view of the world around you, let go.


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