Let’s Celebrate

I have had holidays on the brain. They seem to just keep coming. More celebrations, more birthdays. I have had a perspective shift. I love what the intention of holidays are. A day set aside to celebrate love or to remember or to be thankful. True the commercialization can take away from it a bit, but if you keep your thoughts aligned with the intention. But shouldn’t we be celebrating everyday? Is not everyday a gift? Should we be thankful once a year? Shouldn’t everyday be a day in which celebrate we’re alive? A new day, new potential.

A couple of weeks ago I caught shit from my friends when they suggested a June Thanksgiving Dinner. Why, was naturally the first word out of my mouth. But when I said we should live each day in thanks they really gave me hell, like I’m trying to make them look bad. But I was being honest. Being thankful has saved me so many times. I am a great hider. When it comes to being invisible I am a seasoned veteran. Growing up, it’s how I dealt with shame. I avoided problems, people and myself. And then I shifted. I stopped thinking of what I didn’t have. I stopped focusing on my ‘problems’. I got rid of my stuff and found all the wonderful things I do have. I gained spiritual wealth. I gained gratitude. When my ego starts to tell I don’t have enough or that I am not enough, gratitude saves me. It is the first thing I say in the morning, “Thank you. Thank you for this bed, for this loft, for this refreshing night of sleep. Thank you for life. For a new day. For all the potential waiting for me. For love. Thank you.” It is the last thing I say at night. To truly be loving and to accept love, to experience miracles I need to be thankful. It is a daily commitment, just like being in a relationship is a daily commitment. Make everyday an anniversary. Remember why you married them. Why you fell in love with them and love them still. Be thankful for their presence in your life.

Today is my mother’s birthday. It’s a celebration of life. Of her life. Each day we need to wake up and celebrate. We are alive. We can make great decisions today. We can be thankful. We can be alive and invigorating. We can radiate love. We can be a miracle worker. We can help someone else. We can remember and forgive. There is no guarantee past this moment. Today we celebrate!

“This moment is all that is guaranteed – use it to express the depth of your love and to wipe your slate clean of any resentment you are holding on to. Life is too precious to carry the weight of the past with you! Let it go and start to grow!” Jackson Kiddard



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