Turning No into YES

I have personally chosen to interpret the ‘no’s’ in my life (and there have been PLENTY), not as no’s, but as ‘not yet’s’ from the Universe. The key is this: to interpret rejection and not getting what you want as GRACE. See it as a part of a larger YES from the Universe that is still unfolding. Don’t let the opinion of one person become your opinion of yourself- that is ridiculous. Remember a delay is not a denial. We are being groomed, prepared, and polished so that when we do get what our heart’s desire, we have the capacity to not only see that this is what we’ve been asking for, but that we have the capacity, courage, and humility to RECEIVE and SAY YES to what we’ve been asking for.

This beauty arrived in my inbox the other morning from The Daily Love and the awesome Mastin Kipp, entitled Rejection is Rad. Not something most would view as a radical experience right? But I’ve recently been hit by rejection and I admit I did not handle it as eloquently as Mastin.

The last month or so I have fully committed to starting my creative business. The food blog, the cookbook, the food bus. I decided I’d start with the market. Cue in the rejection. I observed myself throughout the whole experience. My ego went in overdrive. I felt like I should resist the pity party, but it came in fast and hard. So I gave myself a couple hours of feeling sorry for myself and let myself cry my tear ducts dry. The drama of a dream squashed and defeated. Oh, what a failure I am. Nothing goes right for me. Why is everything such a struggle? I temporarily stopped believing in miracles, or in letting them in.  Life was over. This is a sign. I should quit now. Quitting is easy, let’s do that. It’s early. Stick to your comfort zone. The ego was stomping its foot like a toddler and I was caving in. I suppressed my inner rock star.

 Then I stopped paying attention to the negative thoughts and fear. I stopped giving them attention. And these fearful thoughts went away. The loving ones returned. My creativity kicked into gear.  Back came the positive Brittany. Then I got real with myself. I confess patience is sometimes a struggle. I get an idea and I want it out and to happen NOW. I’m so eager to get there that I rush. Like it’s not going to happen if it doesn’t go my way right away. STOP. Stop and embrace this moment. Don’t be so focused on the idea that you don’t enjoy this process. Feel the joy in each recipe, in each blog, in each person you meet, in each item made for someone else. You can’t do your best if you are rushing. Stop trying to make yourself something. You are perfect right now. You are surrounded by miracles right now, but you won’t witness them if you’re afraid or if your eyes are set on tomorrow and not today. Life comes, go with it. You didn’t get your application in early enough. That’s okay, say YES. Yes I am going to perfect my recipes and packaging over the next year, so I have the best stand that I can. I am going to turn in my application by November. You frankly weren’t ready yet.

It’s funny in life how things come back. Or how life seems to be preparing you. I started out as a young entrepreneur. My brother and I made our school shopping money by having a road side sweet corn stand every summer. We planted, weeded, picked, and manned the stand ourselves. Now with this rejection, my first solution is to have a road side stand. A step to getting myself out there. The great thing about the stand is the flexibility and the freedom I’d get too. I could make my own rules and times. Living your dreams isn’t necessarily easy, but all these tests are ways to be creative and to see if you really want it. I want it. These bumps are not stopping me. Don’t focus on this no, listen to the YES that is coming, that is out there. BE patient.

If you’re bothered by every rub, how will you ever be polished. ~Rumi


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